Our Vision

Children are born joyful, vibrant and innocent. Their natural inquisitiveness, inner wisdom, creativity and spontaneity guide them in the learning process. Nurturing these qualities in an environment which inspires intellectual development makes the International Sahaj School a school like no other. 


By integrating meditation into the daily routine, the school seeks to help the children establish their own inner balance – a sense of being at peace with themselves and their world. Meditation gives the students a chance to start the day with a fresh, peaceful feeling and end the day on a quiet, soothing note. Introspection is tempered with a day of work and play, experiencing the joy of togetherness. The juxtaposition of looking both within, and without to a larger whole, fosters a strongsense of self-esteem and an understanding of right and wrong.
The International Sahaj School (ISS) offers a balanced curriculum, including phonics-based reading and writing, the use of math manipulatives, and the development of cursive writing from a young age.  In the natural and social sciences, the school follows an emergent curriculum: units of study  follow the children’s interests, engaging them fully in the learning process. Crafts, international dance and music round out the students’ experience. Each child’s individual aptitudes are allowed to flourish due to our low teacher-student ratio. Our rural location fosters a love for the natural environment – children are involved in activities such as gardening and observing the animal life which surrounds them. They are taught about ecological issues and are encouraged to develop a sense of personal responsibility.

Canajoharie School is a place where children should feel secure, loved and respected. As an international residential school, ISS encourages children to create strong bonds with friends from many countries and cultural backgrounds in a loving, balanced family atmosphere. At the International Sahaj School, cultural boundaries are not barriers that divide, but colorful ingredients to harmony in a diverse world.  This environment supports the blossoming of qualities such as compassion, diplomacy in communication, and understanding of self.

Ultimately, each student is encouraged to explore his or her innate freedom as much as possible, while discovering and respecting the boundaries which allow that freedom to be expressed constructively.

"Everything that is really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labor in freedom."   - Albert Einstein

*Curriculum: ISS utilizes the framework of New York State and Common Core standards.