The School, The Land, and the Pure Village

Whether this is your first trip, or you’ve “come home” to Canajoharie many times,  you are on a  pilgrimage... to a very special place.  A land full of energy, history, and peace. This beautiful setting has hosted dozens of spiritual gatherings, international meditation seminars, and celebrations of community.  It is now also the home of a unique school for very lucky children!

When you visit this land in person, you are likely to experience the true meaning of its name -- Nirmal Nagari, or "Pure Village."   Come to this site to feel a bit closer to the land's powerful energy, verdant landscape, and deep serenity.

Here you will find a great deal of information about the International Sahaj School, including how to submit your child's name to the Wait List, how to Apply to Volunteer at the school or on the land, and much more!  You will also find detailed information about the exciting School Expansion, including information on how you can help the school grow, allowing many more lucky children to be able to attend!   

There is some content on this site that is only available once you login.  And, you do not have to be a Parent, Volunteer, or Staff Member to do so!    All practitioners of Sahaja Yoga are welcome to create an account!  Click here to register.

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