Daily Routine

International Sahaj School at Canajoharie - Daily Schedule (Monday - Friday)

6:30 am - Good Morning / Milk

Children wake up, brush their teeth, and prepare for the new day! They put their pyjamas away, make their beds, and come to the dining room for a glass of milk.

7:00 am - Morning Meditation

Students and staff come together and enjoy morning meditation, starting everyone's day on a balanced note..

7.30 am - Breakfast

Nutritious meals are prepared by a loving team of Aunties, and children are taught to eat independently, and finish the meal they are offered.

8:15 am - Morning Walk / group exercises

Children and Staff enjoy a morning walk around the large property, and/or do some stretching exercises during this time according to the weather.

9:00 am - School Begins

Class begins with circle time, and then classes break into smaller groups, based on grade level. Each day in school, students spend time learning essential building blocks in Math, Reading (phonic-based) and Writing (focus on cursive), integrating Science and Art, as well as Study and Social Skills.

10:00 am - Morning Snack

10:30 am - School Continues

12:00 noon – Lunch

12:45 to 1:30pm – Free Play

Children enjoy free time in the house or outside, when weather permits!

1:30 pm – School Continues

In the afternoon, all the children are taught together by the teaching team; during this time the class focuses on Arts and Crafts, Science Experiments, or other hands-on activities which develop the students’ interests and broaden their fine motor skills and sense of aesthetics.

3:00 pm - Afternoon Snack

4:00 pm - Sahaj Class

Sahaj class is taught by different Aunties and Teachers, allowing the children to benefit from the diverse perspectives of our wonderful international staff. This class may include music, dance, balancing techniques or storytelling.

4:30 pm - Footsoak

Our salt water footsoak is usually indoors, but during the hot days, we lay on the grass, with feet in buckets, contemplating the blue sky and the songs of birds!

5:00 pm – Dinner

5:45pm to 7:00pm – Free Play

7:00 pm – Massage

All children receive head massages as a soothing evening routine.

8:00 pm - Meditation + Bed time

Evening meditations take place in the dorms, and are led by the children. This is a chance for each child to gain confidence and eloquence in guiding a peaceful meditation.


Weekend schedules vary as more time is allotted for Free Play, field trips, and other activities.


 To see a PDF version of the Daily Routine, click here