Dorm Auntie

Aunties are the primary caregivers for the children at the school. They provide all the motherly care, such as comforting a child who is upset, making sure the fingernails are trimmed and dirt-free, finding matching socks, telling bedtime stories, making sure the teeth are clean, and being a cheerful, loving presence. Aunties also help with teaching Sahaj class or sharing any talent they have in the arts and crafts. Aunties may also organize outdoor and free time activities.

“So in these three months we basically learn how to open our heart to everyone, to sacrifice (if there is such a thing) our personal little world for the kids and to love them as our own. And most of you must know that there is nothing in the world, except for a smile from our Mother, like being with a little kid, have him turn around and look up at you and say, “Aunty… I love you.”

- Auntie Daniela, Brasil

“To make them feel secure, we’ll have ladies from other places… who will just volunteer to come down and take charge of [a few] children personally. They’ll look after them and they’ll be properly trained beforehand how to treat the children with kindness and understanding and love and also how to teach them how to share things, how to enjoy sharing and generosity... So the little groups of … children, will be in charge of one lady;  she’ll look after their clothes, she’ll look after them so they will not miss the mother part of it and they will grow up in a proper understanding of a mother and a security.”       

- H. H. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi, U.K. 1985  


Current Dorm Auntie Openings for Spring 2016: 3 positions available (March - June 2016)

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  Volunteer Opportunities are only open to practitioners of Sahaja Yoga.  Information regarding compensation or reimbursement for Volunteer expenses is available upon receipt of Application.