Application Guidelines

To express interest in your child's admission, follow the instructions below, or Apply Online!

Once we receive your request, we will send you a confirmation that your child has been placed on the Waiting List.

After your child has been placed on the Waiting List, we will contact you a few months before your child's intended first term if a spot becomes available.

We cannot guarantee that a spot will become available for your child for the term you are interested in.  Every term is different -- however, we do our best to accommodate all those who are interested. 

We are currently in the process of expanding our school, to allow for more children to attend.  To help in the growth of the Canajoharie School, click here


You can either Apply Online

or follow these instructions to apply for Admission:

If you would prefer to apply via e-mail, please send the following information by e-mail to

  • Your Child's Full Name (First, Middle, Last)
  • Your Child's Date of Birth (Month, Day, and Year)
  • Which term are you seeking enrollment for (Term and Year)*****
  • Where do you live? (City, State, Country)
  • What are the e-mail address/es where you can best be reached?
  • What are the phone numbers where you can best be reached?

*****Guidelines for determining which term you are seeking enrollment for******

Age:  In determining which term you are seeking enrollment for, please note that your child should be between 4 years old and have not had completed 1st grade, before the beginning of his/her first term.  

Term:  If you are requesting admission for September 2011, please specify either “September 2011” or “Fall 2011”  If you are requesting admission for March 2012, please specify either “March 2012” or “Spring 2012”

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If you have any questions about Admissions at the International Sahaj School in Canajoharie that have not been answered here, please send an e-mail

- Admission is only open to practitioners of Sahaja Yoga. -