About Us


 The mission of the International Sahaj School is to support students in their development as 'whole' personalities, encouraging them to work towards the fulfillment of their physical, emotional, intellectual and above all spiritual potential. Through daily meditation, the children are able to develop depth and wisdom, giving them the tools to interact with the world around them in a balanced and harmonious way.
Founded in 2004, this unique school, located on 196 acres of rural land, is  based on the principles of Sahaja Yoga founder, and Nobel Peace Prize nominee, Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi.  The school’s focus is on early childhood, currently teaching 14 children (pre-k to 1st grade) in two three-month terms: Fall Term (September – December) and Spring Term (March – June).  

The International Sahaj School at Canajoharie further aims to include pupils, parents, staff and members of the wider community as participants in developing this wonderful, ground-breaking project.       

"Schools should teach us to love, nurture, and be honest to ourselves and those around us.  They should teach us to look at our world and integrate all cultures and traditions, to see each other as equals and as one."   - Mahatma Gandhi