Long-term Plans

Future plans of the 196 acres of the Canajoharie land are not firmly in place, but a planning comittee of yogis offered the phase approach below (not to be confused with the five phases of the currently active school expansion project which is indentified in its entirety below as Phase One). There are some drawings you can click on below of what the 100 student school might look like as well as housing for yogis and school staff, all of which would be located up by the existing barn (a.k.a. pendal).


  • Add another house to increase the capacity of the school
  • Develop a Canajoharie Trust for fundraising not only for the additional house but long term development as well.


  • Establishment of a Canajoharie Development Board that can look into funding opportunities from non profits, corporations, and governmental resources
  • Infrastructural improvements to the land that will support a future school
  • o Long term master plan of site development
    o Utility upgrades - septic, sewer systems, electricity, power generation ( wind turbines, etc)
    o Development of trails, orchards, and farming that could sustain the land.

  • Expansion of land or housing on the land


  • Develop regional seminar center – smaller buildings / houses that could possible be used for school expansion also like classrooms and teacher housing and also used for regional seminars.
  • Additional infrastructural improvements


  • New 100 student elementary school and infrastructural improvements


  • Additional housing to support school / community needs
  • Establishment of a Sahaja Yoga Community (collective housing project)